In January 2016, the Second FootGolf World Cup was held in Argentina, with 230 players from 26 FIFA member countries. A group of countries joined together in June 2012 to form the Federation of International FootGolf (FIFG). That month, eight countries played at Hungary’s inaugural FootGolf World Cup (won by Bela Lengyel from Hungary). The growing sport FootGolf was founded in 2011, with the American FootGolf League (AFGL) representing the United States of America in the inaugural World Cup in June 2012.

Footgolf is a sport where players throw a football (soccer) ball in a cup with the shortest amount of throws/kicks possible. According to the United States FootGolf League, combining football and golf is called footgolf, played on short holes, like par-3 courses, with balls sized at 21 inches. Jordan Nichols played his first competitive round in the sport Footgolf. The budding sport of Footgolf has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and resort guests can kick it by playing soccer-ball-based Footgolf at the Disneys Oak Trail late in the afternoon on select days.

Longtime high school and youth soccer coach Palmers Jeremy Johnson and Anchorages Joe Reed recently helped the U.S. beat Team U.K. in Orlando to win the Jansen Cup. Similar to the team-oriented Ryder Cup of golf, FootGolfs third version of the Jansen Cup features five rounds over three days of play, from May 30-June 1.

Fans of the growing sport of FootGolf, a soccer-golf hybrid, can expect a summer extravaganza of international competitions, thanks to three major events being hosted by Walt Disney World Golf. At Walt Disney World Golf, they are honoured to host the three most prominent events across the competitive FootGolf landscape, all three taking place on the Palms Golf Course at the Disneys resort during May and June.

To formally launch Footgolf-Korsten, Korstens and a group of colleagues established national and international bonds, and organized the inaugural tournament (Nederlandse Kampioenschap FootGolf) on 6 September 2009, at the prestigious Golfbaan Het Rijk van Nijmegen Golfbaan. Jordan Nichols was also planning on playing the Jansen Cup, Footgolf’s answer to the Ryder Cup, where a US-based team would face off against a UK-based squad. She is also looking for sponsors that will allow her to compete at more events on the U.S. Footgolf Championship Tour.

The Pacific Trophy is held one day before competitions played in the U.S. Open, the morning of May 26, with the U.S. Footgolf Leagues all-star teams going head-to-head with Team Japan. The FootGolf Tour U.S. Open in 2022 was expected to feature as many as 200 of the top professional FootGolf players in the world, with men and women competing for monetary prizes in three-day, three-round matches using the 18-hole, stroke-play format.