FootGolf is a mixture of football and golf played on a golf course with tee boxes, green bunkers, hurdles, cards and 18 holes to play. Athletes use soccer balls on a traditional golf course with 21-inch cups to play footgolf. Footgolf is a frantic combination of the two sports of football and golf and is played with a full size, #1.5 soccer ball on a 21 cup diameter golf course.

Footgolf is played the same way as golf, each player hits their soccer ball, and the player furthest from the hole plays first until the ball is pocketed; sorry, no toys. In golf, players hit from the tee, move down the fairway, short the hole, and put the ball into the hole to par. Footgolf is played from the starting area, and you should try to hit the ball into the hole with the least number of shots possible. If your ball lands on the green, move it to the closest point to the green for the next shot.

The golf ball is replaced by a regulation football, which must be deposited into a ‘footgolf cup,’ and the club by the player’s foot. A single kick is equivalent to a stroke in golf, and similar rules apply, with the individual who takes the fewest kicks to complete a hole and the course winning.

If the football golf ball is on a green used for conventional golf, the ball must be removed and dropped within ten feet of the hole in the football golf ball but not near the ground. The main goal of football golf is to kick a football from a marked starting field into a unique football hole with the minimum number of shots. Play like golf, but with a soccer ball, hit the 22 diameter holes on the side of each green along the fairways of our 9-hole golf course, for soccer lovers only. It’s a game played on a golf course, but with soccer balls instead of golf balls, you hit the ball into the big hole instead of the golf club into the small hole.

Footgolf is played in the same way as golf, except that the players use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball, and the ball is kicked rather than a club aiming for the cup. Players kick a soccer ball from a tee into a 21-inch diameter flagged hole, just like in golf, where the goal is to complete the course with the fewest strokes; in FootGolf, the goal is to complete the system with the fewest strokes. You can use a golf cart or walk, but walking is faster because you don’t hit the ball hundreds of meters away.